Real-Time, On-Demand, GPS Tracking and Driver Monitoring.


Asset Trackers

For parents trying to monitor their teen driver, off-roaders who want extra security of their toys, or commercial managers trying to protect their heavy construction machinery, our asset management solutions help you keep track of the things most important to you.

Fleet trackers

Perfect for passenger vehicles to large transport trucks, our fleet trackers are an OBD II device that plugs into the vehicle to provide full telematics data in real -time. It equips you with management tools such as driver management, vehicle health, maintenance management, traffic, and route planning.

connected cameras

Get real-time camera footage with smart features to help manage liability and safety. Our connected cameras are fully integrated into our fleet management platform.

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Gps Tracking Simplified


EchoMaster’s Telematics range gives you access to asset or fleet management tools to save you time, money, and stress. Our scalable, worry-free offering, can be customized to meet your GPS tracking needs. Everything, from a simple asset management solution to a full-scale fleet management tool, to monitor your fleet vehicle assets and driver behavior.

Save Money

Having a simple view of every aspect of your fleet from vehicles to drivers, allows you to proactively monitor your vehicle’s maintenance to ensure no downtime or costly repairs, and prevent incidents with driver behavior management.

Save Time

Our cloud based application puts your fleet management needs in one simple, accessible tool Save time with alerts and reports that allow you to react in real time making better informed decisions.

Stay Compliant

Our optional add-on for ELD tracking and compliance, gives your drivers access to a mobile application powered by M2M in Motion for ELD logging.

Stay Safe

With driver behavior monitoring and incident triggers, you can proactively train your drivers based on their driving behavior for accident prevention. In the case that there is an accident, you will be alerted so you can react quickly and efficiently.

What Do You Want to Track?


Fleet monitoring solutions for heavy duty fleets with optional ELD tracking mobile application


Monitor your light duty fleet, hardware and software for easier fleet management


For parents who want to track their teen driver, or drivers who want to protect their vehicle from theft


GPS tracking solutions for consumers and commercial equipment and machinery

Trusted, reliable, efficient

Why Us?

From a small operation with just one vehicle to a global fleet with thousands, efficiency is key to maintaining high standards and retaining profits. Video telematics have been used by companies for over a decade in order to reduce operational costs and improve driver behavior, litigation and accident claims but now, with the rise of connected technology, it is possible to have more control than ever over a fleet of any size. 

Not only do you gain access to the features needed to manage your fleet more effectively and efficiently, you gain access to our network of mobile electronics, for a true end-to-end execution.

Complete Solutions

Delivering a full range of monitoring and & tracking needs, including hardware, software, and installation

24/7 Customer Support

We understand that downtime costs you money, our customer support team is here for you, 24/7


Gain the features you want, never pay for the features you don't need

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Our simple to use cloud based portal gives you access to imperative information, wherever you are.