Do You Know What Your Drivers Are Doing?

Fleet Management can be tough if you don’t have the right tools. You might see an increase in avoidable accidents, feel a lack of control or might not know where to go to get the right solutions to manage and protect your Fleet. We have Fleet Trackers to add to your vehicles. Adding Fleet Trackers can help you take control of your business, increase productivity, stay compliant, and save you time and money. 

Solutions for every fleet


Our Fleet Trackers are an OBD II* device that plugs into the vehicle to provide telematics data in real-time such as location information, accident and incident notifications, driver behavior, and vehicle maintenance alerts such as low fuel or tire pressure.

Light Version Fleet Tracker

EFS-FTOBD2LT: This fleet tracker is made specifically for passenger vehicles and light duty trucks that do not require ELD.

Standard Fleet Tracker

EFS-FTOBD2HD: This Fleet Tracker will work with any passenger vehicle to any work truck application, including Heavy Duty work trucks – Plus it is ELD compatible.

*For work trucks without an OBD II port, we have created a product line of OBD II Adapters for a simplified plug-and-play installation.

Your Single Source

A Cloud Based Application to Access Your Fleet's Data

M2M in Motion’s fleet management application puts all of your information in one single application. Access your live camera views, run reports by driver or vehicle, and view real-time data and alerts. The live map view gives you a simple visual of your entire fleet and their location.

Add-on Features.

Our add-on features will make managing your Fleet easier than ever.

Maintenance Module

Monitors vehicle maintenance, including costs and trends, to help optimize the maintenance process.

Safety Coach

Monitors driver behavior to reduce distracted driving, prevent collisions and protect the brand reputation. This feature allows safe drivers to be rewarded, and risky drivers to be identified and coached.

stay compliant

ELD Mobile Application

If you need ELD, we have a solution for you! Our mobile application for ELD compliance powered by our partners, M2M in Motion, helps drivers stay compliant. It integrates into your overall EchoMaster Fleet Management platform, making it easier than ever for your drivers avoid violations.



Add a connected camera to your Fleet Tracker to get live, on-demand, video footage. Our connected cameras integrate into our Fleet Management Software to help you manage liability and safety for your vehicles and drivers.