Engineered Solutions

Integrated In-Vehicle Technology 

Our In-House

Engineering Capabilities

Our global engineering team specializes in in-vehicle technology in commercial & passenger vehicles. We are experts in vehicle integration, and our solutions always add features, fully integrating into the existing system, without having to loose OEM features.



Safety & Security

Our custom safety solutions have included everything from simple cameras, to fully integrated safety solutions with integrated cameras, sensors, and multimedia units. ADAS, collision avoidance, and blind spot elimination, our solutions can protect your drivers and your investments.



Give your drivers access to the tools they need to get the job done. Our multimedia units can be designed to integrate cameras, maps, and other applications they use. 



Our team can assist you in designing interior and exterior lighting solutions.

Custom Designed & Manufactured

Wire Harness

We can create the perfect custom wire harness solution to help streamline and standardize installation services.



Vehicle integration is our speciality, and anything that we deliver is fully integrated into your vehicle’s existing system, so you retain all OEM features and functionality, and your new products are triggered by driver behavior (speed, placing the vehicle in reverse, turn signals, turning the vehicle off, etc).



Looking for a more connected experience? Our capabilities include GPS tracking & monitoring, Bluetooth, telematics, remote start, connected cameras, DVRs and more. 

Let's Get Started

By relying only on the most comprehensive vehicle integration technology, we can provide an incredible aftermarket experience, and commercial vehicle owners can rest easy knowing that their products have been installed with a durable, comprehensive integration solution.


Cost-effective Industrial Solutions

We understand that budgets are important, we will work within your budget to identify solutions that fit your needs.


High Quality Commercial-Grade Solutions

Vehicle downtime means lost revenue. We build reliable products, designed and tested to withstand the harsh environments that your vehicles will meet. 

Our Family of Brands

Tap into EchoMaster Fleet’s family of brands, for off-shelf vehicle technology solutions. Our proven offering spans safety & security, vehicle integration, lighting, installation accessories, high performance audio and infotainment.