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ELD Tracking & Compliance

With our optional add-on, you can add ELD tracking and compliance to your EchoMaster fleet tracking solution. Our application based tool makes it easy for drivers to manage logs, track receipts, and stay compliant

Avoid Violations & easily access all of your data

A large time tracker and built-in alarm lets you know how much time you have left until or in breaks. Large buttons allow you to easily switch driver status, add / remove trailers, access your logs and submit them for roadside inspections, track documents and fuel receipts and more. All from any Android or IOS device.

Stay Organized

Ditch the paper, and move everything you need from documents to receipts into one single application

Avoid Violations

Avoid violations with alarms and counters that track breaks and drive time, easily switch and change drive status

Stay Compliant

Access and share driver logs for Raodside Inspections

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