Don't lose track of your assets

With Asset Trackers, you can know where your belongings are at all times. Easily check the location of your device in real time using our tracking software, available on your mobile device or your computer.

Great for parents trying to monitor their teen driver, off-roaders who want extra security of their toys, or commercial managers trying to manage their heavy construction machinery or agriculture equipment, our asset management solutions help you keep track of the things most important to you.   

Hardware to Protect your Assets


Engineered to protect your assets by GPS tracking and designed to simply mount in or under your possession.

Weatherproof Asset Tracker

EFS-CA1200 - IP66 weatherproof rated; perfect for heavy duty equipment

Standard Fleet Tracker

EFS-AVL68 - Standard 3 wire tracker; perfect for passenger vehicles, golf carts, off-road vehicles are more (not water-proof)


to track Your important assets

Add-on Features.

Our add-on features will make managing your Fleet easier than ever.

Maintenance Module

Monitors vehicle maintenance, including costs and trends, to help optimize the maintenance process.

Safety Coach

Monitors driver behavior to reduce distracted driving, prevent collisions and protect the brand reputation. This feature allows safe drivers to be rewarded, and risky drivers to be identified and coached. (compatible with EFS-AVL68 only)